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  • FlippingBook joomla extension  v.1.0FlippingBook Joomla! Extension can be used to create a series of books and bind each one to a menu item. The extension has a variety of settings to allow the virtually unlimited personalization of your books.
  • Perfect File Icons  v.2012.1Getting file icons just right for use in a program isn't always easy, but our file icons collection will make the job a breeze with sleek lines, intuitive meaning, and a visual consistency your users will appreciate with every program functionality.
  • Spiritual Psychic and Intuitive Healer  v.1.0Spiritual Psychic and Intuitive Healer ebook - Professional intuitive psychic Sonja Grace offers a intuitive healing from the guides and individual phone readings. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and ...
  • Meaning of Roses Screen Saver  v.1.0Roses are said to be the “king of all flowers”. Each color signifies a different meaning. Getting the appropriate color of rose for the direct message is necessary. Even different color combination have their own unique meaning.
  • Indexsoft intuitive mailer  v.1.97Is a powerful web based mail list manager. It will meet most of your needs for handling any size mailing list. indexsoft intuitive mailer supports unlimited mail lists, unlimited numbers of users, HTML messages, unlimited numbers of attachments, ...
  • Meaning and Structure in C. Bronte  v.2003Meaning and Structures in Charlotte Bronte is written in narrative style, making it highly readable. The work points out Bronte's use of symbolism to achieve structure; and from this, meaning in her novels becomes clear. Common threads flow through ...
  • Meaning photo gallery  v.3.1mpg [meaning photo gallery] is the Perl script that creates the photo galleries on The galleries are created by directory. Documentation is Coming Soon!
  • BIFI Bacula Intuitive Friendly Interface  v.1.0Bacula Intuitive Friendly Interface is a web interface for Bacula. It is currently limited to viewing information about backup jobs.
  • The Color of Flowers Meaning  v.1.3Have you ever forgotten to send a special person a flower on their birthday or other significant day and then felt that moment of panic? Knowing what color of flowers mean, will help you send the right ones..
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